Applying Reach & Match® with Guide Dogs Victoria at Homes and Schools


We am extremely lucky to be supported by Guide Dogs Victoria. I met with GDV last year when I presented the Reach & Match® to their Children Mobility Service, where it received great feedback from their mobility instructors. Reach & Match® is a portable design that allows the mobility instructors bring it to different environments.

At home, the mobility instructor is able to use the kit with the children and their parents for exercises and games.

At school, children are able to enjoy the kit together for group activities. Children with low vision were especially excited by its bright colours.

During this visit, we went to Zeynep’s house with mobility instructor Alicia San Martin. Zeynep is a very creative and energetic girl, to the point where she even designed her own games. Alicia applied some games which will help Zeynep develop memory skills, motor skills & hand-eye coordination and spatial skills.

Many thanks to Alicia for allowing me to visit and play, it was a fun afternoon!

Mandy Lau