Reach & Match’s amazing tour in Adelaide!

Reach& Match had a wonderful time in Adelaide. We have kick-started our visit in the beautiful Guide Dogs SA.NT. We were so glad to have a chance to present the Reach & Match Learning Kit to Janelle Ridley (Principal Clinician), Peter Skjott (Principal O&M instructor) and Andrew Sabatino (Executive Manager, BD). We have received wonderful feedback from them and we also had so much fun to visit their Discovery Centre as well.



The next day, we got to meet a great team of professionals from CanDo4Kids, South Australian School for Vision Impaired and Kilparrin Teaching and Assessment School. It was a great session that we got to discuss some cool ideas of utilising the kits with The Cando4kids team members, Liza, Analise, Adrianna and Rachelle. Thanks very much for bringing in some great ideas! It was very encouraging for us to introducing Reach & Match to them.



The next two days, we were also so excited to exhibit the Reach & Match Learning Kit at the Tech Fest hosted by the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB). We have provided two presentations to share about the research and applications. We also had a great discussion with the RSB children’s team how we can apply Reach & Match in their services for the little clients. Its absolutely rewarding to connect to passionate people for helping vision impaired children to improve their essential childhood skills Thanks very much for having us and recognising what we do!

Reach & Match Royal Society for the blind

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