Transforming an established Hong Kong network of schools through play-based learning

The Start of Our Partnership  Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) where it began as a small temple in 1851 before evolving to be the first hospital in Hong Kong and finally, over a hundred and fifty years later, becoming a well-established charitable organisation in Hong Kong. TWGHs operates a range of services outside the

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Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa

When the founder and the creative brains behind the Reach & Match learning kit, Mandy Lau, was invited to share her design to current and future Portugese teachers at the Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa (School of Education of Lisbon), she jumped at the opportunity. We met Clarisse Nunes, Lecturer of Special Education and Early Intervention, who invited [...]



Applying Reach & Match® with Guide Dogs Victoria at Homes and Schools

We am extremely lucky to be supported by Guide Dogs Victoria. I met with GDV last year when I presented the Reach & Match® to their Children Mobility Service, where it received great feedback from their mobility instructors. Reach & Match® is a portable design that allows the mobility instructors bring it to different environments. [...]