Key Features

The double-sided sensory play provides distinctive ways for individual learning and group play.


Well-designed exercises, activities and games help children to develop cognitive skill, body skill, motor skill, communication and social skills.


We collaborate with schools and organisation to integrate Reach & Match® as a tailor made teaching kit in schools, homes and group programs.

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Why Reach & Match® is Different?


Develop tactile and sensory discrimination

Reach & Match has been a useful tool in my classroom setting. Encouraging students to develop their tactile and sensory discrimination through play and investigation.

James Robertson Duncan
Insight Education Centre for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Simple, elegant and with huge potential

The Reach and Match Learning Kit is a wonderful design: simple, elegant and with huge potential to help children with disabilities learn.

Professor Andrew Whitehouse
Telethon Kids Institute

A naturally tactile toy

This project is a naturally tactile toy that introduces children to Braille and understanding objects. Children naturally like to reach, touch, and feel things and this project is notable for designing for visually impaired children’s’ needs.

Lorraine Justice, Jury Captain Core77 Design Award
Dean of College of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology

Early concepts of space and positional play

The Reach & Match Learning Kit is a beautiful inclusive learning resource that can be fun for all children as they acquire early concepts of space and positional play. For young children who are visually impaired, there are many tactual qualities which make the mat appealing: Colour, texture, and contrast and contours all invite exploration. The braille letters add a tactile and visual dimension which enables children to encounter braille incidentally whilst playing and parents and carers to learn more about the braille alphabet.

Marg Griffin, Vision Services
Department of Education, Tasmania

A very thoughtful inclusive tool

Reach & Match is a very thoughtful inclusive tool, its unique features and concepts to help all children to develop literacy and essential skills in a fun way.

Dr. Penny Round
Faculty of Education, Monash University

A fantastic education, inclusive and fun resource

Reach and Match is a fantastic educational, inclusive and fun resource for children who are blind or have low vision in the early years. It is a teaching resource that can be used to develop special awareness, early braille and tactile exploration skills in children through games and exploratory play.

Darren Moyle, Children's Orientation & Mobility Instructor
Guide Dogs Victoria

pedagogical potential for children with and without special needs

The design was very interesting and has many pedagogical potential for children with and without special needs.

Clarisse Nunes, Lecturer, Special Education and Pre-School Education
Lisbon School of Education

a simple but powerful tool to set good fundamental understanding

The Reach & Match is a simple but powerful tool to set good fundamental understanding.

Eileen Khoo, Training & Social Services Manager
St. Nicholas' Home for the Blind and Visually Impaired

it is a state-of-the-art learning system..

Our school has been using Reach & Match for several years and we love it! We support Reach & Match because it is a state-of-the-art learning system according to the latest insights to educate visual impaired children inclusively. We use Reach & Match regularly in our school, it is a functional and effective teaching tool […]

Dick Lunenborg, Assistive technology specialist

Reach and Match kit incorporates variety, versatility and choice

When I met Mandy Lau a few years ago, and she showed me her Reach and Match product, I was immediately impressed with the work and thought that had gone into all aspects of this educational kit. Inclusion, fun and exploration were clearly some of the concepts core to its development. As a blind person […]

Ramona Mandy
2017 Tammy Axelsen Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Thank you for our supporters & clients


"Yesterday I saw the kit and thought that it was an ordinary toy and it might be quite simple. But upon listening to the lectures and the uses of the kit, it is very different and surprisingly creative and fun for kids. It’s very useful, very handy and for the teachers who are blessed to have it, they’ll be very happy. It is very new to them and has many different uses. All learners can enjoy the kit."
Dr. Amerah - Department of Education, Lanao Del Sur

Here you can see Dr. Amera Playing 'Treasure Hunt for Robots' #Fun4All #InclusiveEducation #ReachandMatch
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We are pleased to announce that Reach & Match Learning Kit is approved to provide supports (Assistive product for vision) for the NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme participants!
For more information on the NDIS, click here.

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