How a unique learning program is providing educational opportunities and psychological support for crisis affected children in the Philippines

“It lessens the trauma they experienced during the siege; it encouraged them to go to school even without me accompanying them.” Ms Akmilah Mira-Ato reflects on the impact the Reach & Match learning program had on her children, following the Marawi siege, a five-month conflict that started in May 2017 to become the longest urban

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OpenIDEO & MIKTA EiE Challenge – Reach & Match Inclusive Education is kicked off in the Philippines!

OpenIDEO & MIKTA Education in Emergency Challenge Winner– Reach & Match Inclusive Education Kit Empowering Children with Disabilities Emergency situations are currently disrupting the education of more than 75 million children across 35 countries. Emergencies have a devastating impact on the effectiveness of education systems in crisis-affected countries. The disruption to schooling, leads to degraded

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Reach & Match Won OpenIDEO & MIKTA EiE Challenge!

We are so excited to see Reach & Match enter a new chapter in helping to bring social inclusion to a new area: Education in Emergency settings. Emergencies include situations like natural disasters, armed conflict and prolonged displacement. These circumstances destroy the usual conditions of life and disrupt education facilities for children. Education is a

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Mandy Lau won a Ci2016 Innovation Leader Scholarship!

Mandy Lau (VIC) is Founder of Reach & Match, an innovative education kit to empower children with vision impairment/complex needs, also provides an inclusive learning solution in mainstream settings. Mandy is one of the nine Australians have won the opportunity to present their innovations to the world’s elite business thinkers and leaders at Creative Innovation

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