Preschools and primary schools play a critical role in the early childhood development of all children. However, not all schools or teachers have the right learning resources to meet the individual needs of children which results in some children falling behind their peers. The link between high quality early childhood education (ECE) and school readiness is significant, and Reach & Match is designed to support this. Reach & Match Inclusive Education Program is play-based learning which is accessible to children of all abilities and promotes social inclusion. 

Reach & Match is a multi-award winning holistic learning program that has been designed through focussed research and user testing and was developed with a range of educators and specialists such as occupational therapists. The program provides over 40 activities and 7 learning outcomes, which are aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework.


Reach & Match is a flexible pedagogical tool that is used to teach children with a range of needs in both preschools and primary schools. Reach & Match program has been applied in formal educational programs such as English and Mathematics classes but also a way to teach physical, social and emotional skills. The easy-to-read instruction manual and training videos are available so that educators are able to implement the program into their curriculum so that children with differing needs can learn and thrive alongside one another.


“The Reach & Match training delivered by Mandy is amazing, I personally attended it last year, and was so encouraged to see more of our teachers attended this year. Many of my colleagues love the Reach & Match materials, especially when they learnt how to let the children explore the materials instead of “teaching” them straightaway how to play. We have applied the learning kits in different school programs for children with additional needs, there are quite a few challenges but when we see the children are learning effectively, the sense of satisfaction is indescribable!”

Ms.Tam, Principal – Nursery School, Hong Kong

“The Reach & Match Learning Kit is a beautiful inclusive learning resource that can be fun for all children as they acquire early concepts of space and positional play. For young children who are visually impaired, there are many tactual qualities that make the mat appealing: Colour, texture, and contrast and contours all invite exploration. The braille letters add a tactile and visual dimension which enables children to encounter braille incidentally whilst playing and parents and carers to learn more about the braille alphabet.

A range of children has access to play on and with the mat. One way in which early concepts are acquired is by repetition and practice. It provides a lovely landmark that becomes more familiar and assists children to orient to a particular part of the room. Children of varying abilities can thus enjoy access to this learning resource.

The Reach & Match Learning Kit provides a high-quality curriculum tool. It sets a high benchmark and in doing so delivers a powerful message about the importance of providing all children with access to the best materials to shape and nurture their learning.”

Marg Griffin – Vision Services, Department of Education, Tasmania