Reach & Match Inclusive Learning Program is play-based learning resource which is accessible to children of all abilities and promotes social inclusion. It has been applied in both mainstream and special needs setting. It has been widely adopted by a range of specialist schools for children (1.5 -10 years old)with differing needs including intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, health impairments, sensory impairment and autism spectrum disorder. 

Reach & Match is a multi-award winning holistic learning program that has been designed through focussed research and user testing and was developed with a range of educators and specialists such as occupational therapists. The program provides over 30 activities and 7 learning outcomes, which was aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework. 


Reach & Match can be incorporated into a variety of school programs such as Sensory and Play, Social Skills program, Emotional Development program, Creative Movement and Dance. The easy-to-read instruction manual and training videos are ready-made so that all educators are able to implement the program into their curriculum so that all children with differing needs and learn and thrive alongside one another.


“Reach & Match has been applied in education degrees as a great curriculum tool to teach early childhood intervention. Reach & Match is a very thoughtful inclusive tool, its unique features and concepts to help all children to develop literacy and essential skills in a fun way. Activities and games are well designed for the classroom and it is also tailor-made for children with different needs, such as visual impairment and children with physical and intellectual disabilities.”

Dr. Penny Round – Faculty of Education, Monash University

Reach & Match has been a useful tool in my classroom setting. Encouraging students to develop their tactile and sensory discrimination through play and investigation. Students have used the large mats both in horizontal and vertical configurations to further encourage exploration of their environment. The path and tiles were ideal to introduce new letters and their order and position in the alphabet. The flexibility of the Reach & Match system has allowed us to use it in our P.E. and Music programs, as well as in the Junior school class.” 

James Robertson Duncan – Teacher, Insight Education Centre