Reach & Match Training Course

Inclusive Education Practice & Research behind Reach & Match

  • Child development domains & 7 Learning Outcomes (aligning with the Early Years Learning Framework)
  • Hands-on practice of 40 activities and games
  • Activity modifications for children with different learning needs

Co-design Early Intervention Program & Implementation Strategies

  • Case studies on inclusive learning practices, formal and informal learnings
  • Co-design of the early intervention program and curriculum integration
  • Onsite practice with children, play-station design and role play observation
  • Application discussion and roll-out plan

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Onsite consultation
  • Implementation challenges and steps of improvement
  • M&E tools including:
    • Head-teacher key informant interview
    • Teacher self-assessment
    • Lesson observation
    • Parent/caregiver Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

Training Outcomes for Teachers and Specialists:

  • Improved understanding of inclusive teaching
  • Gained insight and knowledge in facilitating the interaction between children with and without disabilities
  • Increased confidence in designing and running Reach & Match sessions
  • Learnt to cope with unique scenarios and activity modification to accommodate children with different learning needs
  • Received a plan for program implementation for curriculum integration


  • 95% found the Reach & Match to be very useful to apply in their learning environment
  • 98% found that the Reach & Match exercises and activities are helpful to develop children’s foundational physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional skills
  • 100% would recommend Reach & Match to others

Training Participants:

  • Educators
  • Early childhood specialists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech pathologists
  • Orientation & Mobility instructors
  • Social workers
  • Support coordinators and facilitators
  • Parents


  • Preschools and playgroups
  • Primary schools
  • Specialist schools
  • Early intervention programs: social, motor, language, communication and social skills
  • Library & communities: sensory storytime, children’s program
  • Families

Children with disabilities:

  • Blindness and vision impairment
  • Intellectual disability
  • Physical disability
  • Autism
reach match teachers training

“The Reach & Match training delivered by Mandy is amazing. I personally attended it last year and was so encouraged to see more of our teachers attended this year. Many of my colleagues love the Reach & Match materials, especially when they learnt how to let the children explore the materials instead of “teaching” them straightaway how to play. We have applied the learning kits in different school programs for children with additional needs, there are quite a few challenges, but when we see the children are learning effectively, the sense of satisfaction is indescribable!”

Ms.Tam, Principal – Nursery School, Hong Kong

“I have seen the kit and thought that it was quite ordinary, but upon listen to the lectures and the uses of the equipment, it is very different, and surprisingly it is creatively fun for the kids! It is beneficial and convenient and for the teachers – for those who are blessed to have it – they will be thrilled. It is very new to them. It has many different functions, and all learners will enjoy the kit.”

Dr Amerah P. Hadji Ali, Education Program Coordinator – DepEd ARMM Lanao del Sur 1 Division, Philippines

“Magandang Umaga. Yesterday’s training was enjoyable, and I discovered that I could be a good actress. We were able to unleash our inner childhood behaviour and attitudes. Express our emotions. Shout! Laugh! If us adults enjoyed it, how much more the children will enjoy it! I hope that Reach & Match activities and learning program can be shared with other areas, not just Marawi or Lanao del Sur, especially those areas that were affected by different emergencies. The training is beneficial because it serves psycho-social support and activities for children.”

Zoreen E. Agustin, Project Officer – Save the Children