Who We Are  

We are a social enterprise with a purpose to empower every child to learn equally through inclusive Play.


What We Do

We support children to build the foundational physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional skills through our research-based Reach & Match Learning Kit, Inclusive Learning Program and Training Course.

We provide consultation for educators and therapists, and co-design with them to integrate our program into their curriculum and services.

We partner with governments, not-for-profit organisations and schools to tackle significant challenges in inclusive education for emergencies.


Our Story

Reach & Match® was developed by Mandy Lau through her Master’s research in Melbourne, Australia, to support early childhood learning outcomes and the inclusion of children with special needs in mainstream schools and services.

Working closely with children with disabilities who were being isolated in mainstream schools, a burning question on Mandy’s mind was: “How can we truly include every child in the class?” Understanding the extreme challenge to achieve inclusion amongst children in a mainstream environment, she decided to take her Master’s research to tackle this problem. Through her studies and collaborating with teachers, early intervention specialists and families, she learnt that Play is the best way of bringing all children together. Hence, she developed the Reach & Match play-based learning program to bridge this gap and provide a truly inclusive learning experience for all children.

Fast forward six years, we are supporting over 20,000 children worldwide in both developed and developing countries, and our internationally recognised program has received 12 awards among Education, Inclusion and Assistive Technology. Reach & Match ensures that the most vulnerable children receive inclusive quality pre-primary education. Our partnerships with Save the Children and Plan International deliver educational and therapeutic support for thousands of children in emergencies, and the success of Reach & Match program has received an endorsement from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs.

We believe that Reach & Match is not just a unique tool, but is also a catalyst for a movement of social inclusion in early childhood education.


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reach and match founder mandy lau with teachers and children