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Parents often find it challenging to teach their children. Reach & Match Learning Kit can be used in your own home as an innovative way to learn, interact and share the joy with your little one at a critical stage in their life. It is a fun, simple and flexible tool for your children to develop literacy and acquire early concepts of spatial & positional awareness, emotional development, motor, communication and social skills.


Reach & Match can be used as an informal way of learning at an early age whilst still providing guidance to parents through the activity manual. The easy-to-read manual teaches parents how to play with their kids through a variety of expert-developed activities that address 7 learning outcomes that are in line with the Early Years Learning Framework so that your child can meet milestones in their school readiness. The 7 learning outcomes include: Literacy, Cognitive skills, Sensory integration, Sense of satisfaction, Language Enrichment, Body Movement and Social Interaction.

The portable bag included with the kit also allows the program to be easily set up and packed away in only a min for storage.