Reach & Match supports children with disabilities learn and play at home during COVID-19 (Product & Program 15% OFF)

As Australians are trying to flatten the curve with COVID-19, children are all of a sudden becoming home-schooled and parents are facing challenging times ahead teaching their children.

During the coronavirus, a survey of 200 families conducted by Children and Young People with Disability Australia and the Australian Coalition for Inclusive Education shows that 34% of the families with children and young people disabilities had NDIS or other essential support services cancelled.

Children with disabilities are not getting enough of the educational support they need to thrive and develop, and parents of children with disabilities fear their children are unable to continue their learning during the disruption caused by coronavirus.

Reach & Match is an innovative system which supports children with disabilities learn essential childhood and social skills through tactile strategies and play-based activities in schools and homes.

Founder Mandy Lau, as a young mother who is working from home with her two-year-old. It is a challenge for her to keep her active toddler entertained and educated at home, but luckily, she using Reach & Match to teach her son more than usual.

Founder Mandy Lau is playing Reach and Match with her son Oliver at home.

“At this golden age of learning for Oliver, we want to design screen-free activities for him to encourage his curiosity and develop his cognitive, sensory, body and motor skills at home. Every day, my husband and I choose one small exercise and one game to play with him, sometimes we dance and sing while playing the game, and Ollie loves it!”

“We are a registered NDIS service provider. Parental enquiries for the product have increased more than triple as more parents are seeking high-quality educational alternatives to teaching their children at home.” says Mandy.

To support parents of children with disabilities during this challenging time, Reach & Match is excited to offer 15% off our product and program for all parents. Founder Mandy is happy to provide free online training for parents to teach their children at home. The valid period is until 30 June 2020. For order enquiry, please email:

Father and son are playing Reach & Match in vertical configurations.

Reach & Match partners with Cando4Kids, to support parents in teaching Reach & Match Inclusive Learning program for their children at home. Cando4Kids is a South Australia’s leading organisation which support children with vision, hearing and sensory needs. Early intervention specialist Rachalle Cochrane and Speech Pathologist Jasmine Garcia from Cando4kids hosted a client session with Mandy Lau. The family and the therapists found the session extremely rewarding.


Mandy Lau providing consultation for specialists and parents to use Reach & Match with children at home

Early intervention specialist Rachalle Cochrane and Speech Pathologist Jasmine Garcia from Cando4kids host a client session with Mandy Lau from Reach & Match. Mandy is providing consultation for a parent to teach Reach & Match program with her son at home.

Reach & Match is a holistic play-based learning program designed through user testing with early intervention specialists and parents to support children. The program offers 40 activities and lesson plans, which covers 7 Learning Outcomes: Braille & Print Learning, Cognitive Skills, Sensory Integration, Sense of Satisfaction, Language Enrichment, Body Movement and Social Interaction.

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ABOUT Reach & Match

Our purpose is to empower every child to learn through inclusive play. We support children to build the foundational physical, cognitive, language and social-emotional skills through our research-based inclusive learning tools and programs. We provide training and design program curriculum with educators to meet the needs of their students.


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