Vison Australia Texpo 2013!


The Vision Australia Texpo is an annual event organised by Vision Australia, in which it showcases the latest products and services that can assist people who are blind or have low vision. It was a great opportunity to display Reach & Match® at the Feelix library during Vision Australia Texpo. This place holds a special place in my heart as I visited this place many times when I was doing her postgraduate research there. This is a place were a lot of specialists such as childhood educators, speech therapists and mobility instructors have provided invaluable feedback as I was designing the learning kit.

It was lovely to meet lots of children and their parents at the Feelix library. People who passed by the library were always interested and always trying to understand how Reach & Match® works. Children of different age groups such as babies, toddlers and primary school students were all encouraged to try it. I had great fun to play with children with low vision and their siblings.

We also met some beautiful guide dogs! I am so happy to see not only the Reach & Match is well accepted among specialists and children, guide dogs love Reach & Match® as well! Look, there is one guide dog was lying on the mat. He is really lovely!



Mandy Lau